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Stromectol (Ivermectin)
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Other names for this medication:
Ivectin, Ivexterm, Ivermectine, Quanox, Ivermectinum, Ivermectina, Revectina, Ivermec, Ivenox, Mectizan

What is Ivermectin (Stromectol) ?

Ivermectin is an effective remedy for the treatment of diseases that provoke a variety of parasites. It is equally effective for both dogs and cats, and humans.

This medication is on the WHO recommended list. However, it can not be used in people with a weakened immune system, HIV-infected.

Relatively recently, Ivermectin-based preparations have been tested in the format of creams, ointments, lotions for external use. The choice of the form, method of treatment, the dosage of the drug is made by the attending physician. You can not prescribe antiparasitic drugs yourself.

Dosage of the drug and forms of release

To cure demodicosis, Ivermectin is prescribed at a dose of 12 mg – this is just one tablet of the drug. The highest concentration of anthelmintic medication reaches the human blood in about three to four hours. The drug is fairly evenly and smoothly penetrates the tissues of the body.

Ivermectin in tablet form is rapidly absorbed into the human intestinal mucosa if taken orally. But before using tablets, it is important to take into account one thing-the drug is classified as a first-class of danger! Therefore, follow the rules and dosage, as recommended by the instructions for use-be sure!

!Note: Stromectol is excreted no longer than 28 hours later. It leaves the body only with feces.

Oral tablets are used to treat people. Recently, creams, gels, lotions, emulsions, and ointments based on the active substance Ivermectin for external use have been clinically tested.

What diseases does it treat?

The drug Ivermectin has successfully passed clinical trials, as well as many similar drugs aimed at combating parasites. Ivermectin has been successfully tested and used in the treatment of the following diseases in humans:

  • onchocerciasis;
  • strongyloidiasis of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • vuhererioz;
  • ascariasis;
  • trichocephalosis;
  • filariasis;
  • enterobiasis;
  • larva migrans skin syndrome;
  • human tick-borne scabies;
  • demodicosis;
  • pink acne;
  • brugioz et al.

Also, the drug copes very well with pediculosis. Without a doubt, it can also be used for children who are more susceptible to infection than adults.

Ivermectin: instructions for use

Before taking Ivermectin tablets, you need to talk to your doctor, just following the instructions, in this case, may not be enough. It is important to discuss each dosage recommendation with a specialist so that he can assign you an individual appointment, based on the characteristics of your body.

In the instructions, it is recommended to calculate the dose of intake by the weight of the person’s body. One single dose is equal to 200 micrograms per 1 kg of a human weight. It turns out that if the patient weighs 70 kg, then his single dose of the drug will be equal to 12 mg. This is just one tablet of Stromectol.

Taking the drug depends on the degree of infection of the body, as well as on the type of worms. Given these factors, Ivermectin can be taken by an adult up to two doses per day. But it is important to take the next dose only after a few weeks.

As for children, if a child weighs more than 15 kg-its doses is equal to 150 mcg per kilogram of body weight of a small patient. That’s what the instructions say. But before you start treating your child yourself, you need to consult a doctor who can prescribe a more accurate treatment and the right dose of the drug.

! Important: Ivermectin should be consumed only before meals, with plenty of water.

In the treatment of scabies, Stromectol is used as a cream. They lubricate the affected area, and also, for a better and faster recovery, you must also drink Ivermectin tablets.

The sale of cream with Ivermectin (1%) came relatively recently, but despite this, you can find it in pharmacies without problems. Thanks to the American company, it was created a cream that was tested, I use the drug in the treatment of rosacea in humans. Having shown an excellent result, the cream took its place in the ratings among the drugs aimed at treating the affected areas of the skin.

The ugliness of using Ivermectin (Stromectol) in the form of a cream has greatly facilitated the fight against diseases, since it is necessary to apply it to the affected areas only once a day.

If we talk about the duration of the reception, then apply it to the patient’s skin until complete recovery. The positive effect of daily use will be visible in a few weeks. Doctors predict a complete cure only after 10-16 weeks.

Ivermectin cream of domestic production does not produce a form for the treatment of people. Only animal cream was created. It contains 1% of the drug and is aimed at eliminating various types of rashes in cats and dogs. It is worth noting that the drug has proven itself well and found a positive response from the owners of pets.


Like any other medical drug, Stromectol has several contraindications. Before taking Ivermectin tablets, it is mandatory to familiarize yourself with the contraindications that are indicated in the attached instructions for use. Let’s list the main ones. Taking Ivermectin is contraindicated, or indicated, but with caution when:

  • weak immune system;
  • small children whose weight is less than 15 kg;
  • pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers;
  • people who are prone to allergic reactions.

As already mentioned, the drug should be taken under the supervision of a doctor, and having the symptoms listed in the list – the use of Stromectol should be avoided.

Terms of sale and storage

Due to the toxicity of the drug, it can only be purchased for people with a prescription. In asutralia, there are only analogs of Ivermectin so it is easier to order it via the Internet: few people require a prescription. For animals, the product can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. The shelf life is 24 months in a closed bottle. Do not store the exposed substance for more than 42 days. Safety should be ensured in a dry, dark place, away from children and food.

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