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Things to remember about dental emergencies

In an emergency situation it can often be very difficult to clear your mind and think with some degree of objectivity – this is especially relevant if you have suffered severe dental trauma and damaged your teeth severely. With any sort of emergency it can make a huge difference to the situation if you are able to think about the problem clearly or you already have a plan in place to deal with every eventuality. Let’s take a look at some helpful things to remember about dental emergencies and how you can make sure you get the treatment you need within a short space of time;

Don’t panic – This might seem like an obvious point but if you are inclined to become hysterical or panicky about dental problems you have to remember that a strong reaction is not going to help with the situation. If you are a person who struggles to maintain your composure when you are under pressure, you should speak to a friend or family member to try and get your emotions under control. It’s easy to lose your head if you are in pain, so speaking to someone else about the situation could help to calm your nerves; it can also make a difference to the way you approach dental treatment. If your problem is a dental emergency your life is not going to be in danger, so try to remember that when you are arranging treatment after an accident or injury.

Think about transport – A lot of people forget about transport when they are in pain or their teeth are badly damaged but it would really help your situation if you can think about it before you decide what to do with regards to treatment. Sometimes dental pain or damage can make it unsafe for patients to travel alone or to drive to the surgery to get treatment, which means that an alternative mode of transportation will be required. It is a good idea to ask someone to accompany you if you feel unwell because of your injuries, as this is the best way to make sure that you get there and back with minimum difficulty.

Contact the emergency line – The great thing about emergency clinics is they will often provide a twenty-four hour emergency line to help with any concerns you might have day or night. If you are not sure whether your condition requires immediate treatment or if you can wait to see your normal dentist it can be really helpful to get in touch with a dental professional to discuss the situation and decide what to do for the best. This kind of service may not be available from all dental clinics but it can be very helpful if you find yourself in a confusing situation due to dental trauma. It should be mentioned that emergency dental lines are not usually free to call but it might be worth spending a little bit on a telephone call if it could make a difference to your condition in the long-run.

Get in touch with the clinic – If you have determined that you would like to see a dentist to help with your symptoms, it might be helpful to get in touch with the clinic over the phone. Although this is not strictly necessary in order to receive care at short notice, it could be beneficial if you are not registered with the surgery you are approaching for treatment or you would like to find out about things like parking or directions. If you would like to see if there is a dentist available right away you can simply make your way to the surgery and take advantage of the walk-in services that many dental clinics will operate in order to provide emergency care.

Think about registering – In the event of a dental emergency it can make a huge difference if you are already registered with a surgery that can provide this kind of service; however, you do not actually have to be registered with most places in order to make an appointment at short notice. If you have regular problems with your teeth or you are just worried about suffering dental trauma in the future, it might be worth your while to consider registering with a surgery that can provide emergency twenty-four hour appointments. This is more likely to be helpful in the sense that you will be familiar with the surroundings and the team that is providing your care; this can bring some comfort to nervous patients if an accident has occurred. If you are interested in registering, it does mean that you will have to leave your regular surgery and attend check-ups at the clinic that you are registered with for general care.

Have a plan – This does not mean that you have to think about dental emergencies all the time but a little bit of pre-planning can make all the difference if a difficult situation does develop. If you do not wish to leave your regular surgery but you want to make sure you have somewhere to turn in the event of an emergency, you should keep some contact details for a local emergency clinic in a safe place, so that you are not scrambling around if you do suffer dental trauma. You might like to think about the different options beforehand as well, to make sure you can access treatment easily and make your way to the surgery with time to spare. Even a few minutes could make a big difference to your recovery if you have suffered something like broken or knocked-out teeth.

If you are worried about suffering a dental emergency or you are looking for a dentist to register with in the Kingston area of London you should get in touch with the Pearl Dental Clinic; this surgery can provide twenty-four hour appointments, every day of the year. Contact the reception team now to make a booking or to find out more about the services that can help with emergencies at short notice.

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